About me

Hi, I'm Patrick. ๐Ÿ‘‹

With many years of experience as a Staff Engineer, Tech Lead, Software Architect and Software Engineer specialising in SaaS products, I combine entrepreneurial thinking with technical expertise to help CxOs bring innovative software products to market quickly.

I'm passionate about driving change within development teams, with a particular focus on software architecture to closely align with business goals. My goal is to utilise cutting-edge technologies to address real-world business challenges while driving team success.

I've extensive hands-on experience with Angular, Spring Boot, Azure, Node.js, Postgres, MongoDB and agile methodologies and am constantly looking for new insights in tech and leadership to share on my blog workingsoftware.dev.

Let's get in touch to find out how we can build the next software product together.

Technology Radar Workshop

I like to build software products in an agile and lean way.

In doing so, I'm guided by the agile manifesto, in particular the principle "Working software is the primary measure of progress."

I love helping companies create or modernize software products in an economical and fast way using modern technologies and engineering techniques.

Some key points about me:

Patrickโ€™s Technology Radar
A software architecture asset is the known technologies they use to meet their clientsโ€™ needs. One technique for continuously monitoring and evaluating relevant technologies is a technology radar. This page shows my current technology radar.

Some private things:

  • I like doing sport, especially Football, Squash, Freeletics and (trail-) running.