🔥 Tech Blips #23.3

In this technology newsletter: Domain Storytelling, Meilisearch, Qwik and Icepanel.

🔥 Tech Blips #23.3
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Tech Blips is a technology newsletter for CTOs, tech leads, software architects and software engineers - in short, for all technology enthusiasts!

Every month I try to summarise some techniques, tools, languages and frameworks or platforms on the cloud and web horizon that are worth taking a look at.

TL;DR in this technology newsletter

Domain Storytelling

Techniques / Trial

Domain Storytelling Website

Domain Storytelling is a technique to transform domain knowledge into effective business software. It brings together domain experts and development teams. The domain experts can see immediately whether the dev team understand their story correctly.

Domain Story (Source)

Domain Storytelling is a versatile technique that helps you to:

  • Fully align all project participants and stakeholders, both technical and business-focused
  • Draw clear boundaries to organize your domain, software, and teams
  • Transform domain knowledge into requirements, that are naturally embedded in an agile process
  • Gain better insight into your IT landscape to consolidate or optimize it
An introduction to Domain Story Telling


Tools / Assess

Meilisearch Website

Meilisearch is a RESTful search API. It's intended as an out-of-the-box solution for those who want a fast and relevant search experience for their end users.

Meilisearch Landing Page

Efficient search engines often require significant investment in resources. They're only accessible to organizations that have the resources to develop a customized search solution that meets their needs.

Small to mid-sized businesses often resort to inferior search engines that carry invisible costs to user experience and customer retention due to poor search results.

That's where Meilisearch comes in: an open source solution that is accessible to everyone and meets most needs. It requires little configuration, yet is highly customizable.

GitHub - meilisearch/meilisearch: A lightning-fast search engine that fits effortlessly into your apps, websites, and workflow.
A lightning-fast search engine that fits effortlessly into your apps, websites, and workflow. - GitHub - meilisearch/meilisearch: A lightning-fast search engine that fits effortlessly into your app…

Meilisearch provides an instant search experience, including typo handling, filters, custom rankings, and many more features.



Languages & Frameworks / Trial

Qwik Website

Qwik is a front-end framework for building resumable applications that launch immediately on the client.

Qwik Landing Page slogan

Qwik achieves this by focusing on its philosophy of downloading and executing only the code that is strictly necessary to perform the user-triggered action.

Qwik is a fine-grained lazy-loading framework representing a fundamentally new approach to building web applications.

Qwik - Instant-on, resumable web apps


Platforms / Assess

Icepanel Website

IcePanel is an interactive modelling and diagramming tool that uses the C4 model standard to provide a structured approach to easily communicate system architectures to your many audiences.

IcePanel Landing Page

With the C4 Model, you can zoom in and out of different levels of detail, depending who you're communicating your designs to.

Modelling also eliminates the hassle of keeping multiple diagrams up-to-date, as changes can be automatically synchronized across all your diagrams.

Context Diagram in IcePanel (Source)
Container Diagram in IcePanel (Source)
Component Diagram in IcePanel (Source)
Explain complex software systems
IcePanel is a collaborative diagramming tool that helps software engineering and product teams align on technical decisions. Create an interactive map of your software systems and give your teams full context about how things work.
Explore the Icepanel example
IcePanel Demo