8 Essential Expectations of a Software Architect

A good software architect should meet 8 essential expectations. In this post, you'll learn what software architects should do to drive business success.

8 Essential Expectations of a Software Architect
What Software Architects Should do to Drive Business Success

Although specific expectations of software architects may vary by role, title, or job description, there are some core expectations that apply to all software architects.

In the book "Fundamentals of Software Architecture: An engineering approach" the authors identify eight essential expectations for software architects:

🔹 Make architecture decisions
🔹 Continuously analyze the architecture
🔹 Keep current with latest trends
🔹 Ensure compliance with decisions
🔹 Diverse exposure and experience
🔹 Have business domain knowledge
🔹 Possess interpersonal skills
🔹 Understand and navigate politics

These eight expectations define the skills and knowledge that software architects need to be successful in their roles.