Inspirational Technology Radar Examples

In this article you will find inspiring examples of different companies documenting their technology management with a technology radar and making the results public.

Inspirational Technology Radar Examples
Tech-Radar Overview by ThoughtWorks

A good tool for active technology management is the technology radar. Use a technology radar to monitor all technologies relevant to your business. The technology radar helps you identify technologies that you should assess, try, adopt, or hold or reduce in your business. It tracks any applied technology in your company, on your product team, or for you personally through its lifecycle. From a potentially identified - hyped - technology to an old technology that is being phased out.

Technology Radar real-world examples from various engineering companies help me keep track technology trends. So I am always looking for inspiring technology radar practice examples. Please contact me if your company has a public technology radar.

This page currently contains the following examples of technology radars:

This page is constantly updated with new examples.

Tip: The following article describes why you should manage your company's technology lifecycle with a technology radar👇

Technical Debt Scenario #4: Hype Driven Development
The development team is always on the hunt for the latest technology hype. Currently, there are more than two front-end frameworks used for the product and the time to launch new features is getting longer and longer. What would you do?

ThoughtWorks Technology Radar (the "original")

ThoughtWorks is a leading global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design, and software engineering to enable enterprises and technology disruptors across the globe to thrive as modern digital businesses [Source ThoughtWorks].

Techniques section from ThoughtWorks Technology Radar
Technology Radar | An opinionated guide to technology frontiers | Thoughtworks
The Technology Radar is an opinionated guide to technology frontiers. Read the latest here.

Digitec Galaxus Tech Radar

The Swiss online market leader digitec is a specialist for IT, consumer electronics and telecommunications. As the largest online department shop in Switzerland, Galaxus carries a constantly growing range of products for almost all everyday and non-everyday needs. Always at great prices and delivered reliably, quickly and free of shipping costs.

Digitec Tech Radar

The interesting part of the Digitec Tech Radar is the rings. The rings are different from the "original" ThoughtWorks Tech Radar:

  • Trial
    I interpret the trial ring here as the "assess" ring from the original technology radar.
  • Hold
  • Specific
    I interpret the specific ring here as specific to some teams.
  • Adopt

Zalando Tech Radar

Zalando is a major online fashion platform from Germany and is often considered one of the biggest successes in the European e-commerce industry.

Zalando Tech Radar
Zalando Tech Radar

The Zalando Tech Radar has the described rings, but the categories are different:

  • Datastores
  • Data Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Languages

From the focus of the Zalando Tech Radar, I interpret that Zalando has major technical challenges in data management, and therefore closer monitoring of technologies in this area is necessary. They describe the use of their technologies in their tech blog.

bbv Technica Radar

bbv Software Services is a Swiss software and consulting company with around 300 experts who all pursue one goal: To realise the visions of their customers together.

bbv Technica Radar (Source)

bbv has initiated its technology radar. The radar differs from the original ThoughtWorks Technology Radar in the following ways:


They use the following lifecycle rings:

  • Use: This technology can be used in any case
  • Evaluate: "New kid on the block", evaluate whether it might be useful to use the technology.
  • Reconsider: Technologies and framework conditions change and sometimes have to be looked at anew.


They use the following categories:

  • Concept or theme
  • Tools
  • Method or technique
  • Libraries, Frameworks, Programming Languages

Software AG Technology Radar

Software AG is one of the global market leaders for software solutions for enterprises and related services. Its products make it possible to analyse and manage business processes and control IT infrastructures.

Technology Radar by Software AG

Software AG’s Office of the CTO is continuously evaluating emerging trends and technologies. The Software AG Technology Radar is making a condensed version of the results publicly available. [Source Software AG]

The categories of the Software AG's technology radar differs from the original ThoughtWorks Radar. Also like the original ThoughtWorks technology radar, they categorize the technologies. Following the structure of the Software AG Marketecture, the Technology Radar is divided into six sections:

Value propositions:

  • Connected business experience
  • Digital business excellence
  • Ecosystem driven economy

Technology foundation:

  • Hybrid-and multi-cloud infrastructure
  • Agile devops and continuous delivery
  • Platform enabled ecosystems

Additionally, they specified the "Hold" ring to "Hold / Reduce" with the following description:

"For most companies, we recommend against this technology. Reasons may include a current lack of maturity, current little market adoption endangering sufficient future support, or that we currently see a better alternative. All of this can of course change over time." [Source Software AG]

Adesso Technology Radar

With a team of more than 5,300 employees at 41 locations, adesso is one of the leading IT service providers in the German-speaking region and work every day to successfully bring our customers' projects to their goals. Learn more about adesso here.

Technology Radar by adesso

The adesso Technology Radar currently contains well over 200 assessments for methods and techniques, tools, platforms, languages and frameworks in the following technologies:

  • Java
  • Microsoft
  • Javascript
  • Cloud
  • PHP
  • SAP
  • Mobile

The quadrants are similar to the "original" ThoughtWorks Technology Radar:

  • Methods & Techniques
  • Languages & Frameworks
  • Tools
  • Platforms

The assessment scale is similar to the bbv Technology Radar:

  • Use
  • Evaluate
  • Reconsider

My technology radar

You can find my technology radar under the following link 👇

Patrick’s Technology Radar
A software architecture asset is the known technologies they use to meet their clients’ needs. One technique for continuously monitoring and evaluating relevant technologies is a technology radar. This page shows my current technology radar.